Sleep Deprivation & Its Effects On Teens

Sleep Deprivation & Its Effects On Teens

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Many homes have seen the epic battle between frustrated parents and their sleepy teenage kids as they try to wake them up in the morning. Parents do not give too much thought about how sleep deprivation can be a major cause of concern in their kids’ lives. Recent studies have shown that sleep-deprived teenagers are at a higher risk of indulging in risky behavior compared to teenagers who get a good night’s sleep regularly. Investing in the best-rated mattress will help them sleep better at night.

Bad Habits That Sleep Deprived Teenagers Indulge In:

Teenagers who do not get enough sleep every night are at a higher risk of indulging in the following bad habits:

  • Drink too much alcohol
  • Abuse drugs
  • Go into depression
  • Consider suicide
  • Driving under the influence

Some teenagers even tend to get into dangerous sexual situations which they might regret later. Unfortunately driving without getting enough sleep is considered to be equivalent to driving drunk. This is why teenagers need to get enough quality sleep every night. Parents buy mattresses of high quality from manufacturers like Wakefit to help their teenagers sleep better at night.

Since sleep-deprived teenagers are not adept at making decisions, they often find themselves in difficult situations which can spiral out of control if they are not careful. Substance abuse and alcohol abuse can disrupt their healthy sleep cycle further.

Making Sleep A Priority

One way of avoiding sleep deprivation among teenagers is by making sleep a priority and creating a schedule and make sure that they adhere to that.  Interestingly, teenagers are biologically programmed to fall asleep later at night.  This is why most teens prefer to stay up late and find it difficult to wake up in the morning. With a busy schedule, teenagers also find it difficult to find time during the day to take a quick nap as well.

One way of getting around this is by, making sure that teenagers learn how to prioritize their tasks. By making sure that they get plenty of time to study and take part in physical activities, it is a good idea to minimize the time spent on watching TV or on social media late into the night. Another idea is to do a bit of research on the best mattress to buy, so that the teens are more comfortable at night, helping them fall asleep faster.

Digital Curfew

Many parents try to get their teenagers to go to bed earlier by implementing a digital curfew. This involves banning electronic devices and switching off the Wifi after a particular time at night, for example until 10 pm. This will help teenagers fall asleep faster and avoid spoiling their eyes due to too much screen time as well.

Teenagers often experience trouble falling asleep at night, waking up early morning and sometimes even getting quality sleep. Recent studies have shown that many adults start their insomnia from their teenage years. This is why it is essential to set a good bedtime routine and sleeping schedule for teenagers. Once they get used to the sleeping schedule, they will more or less stick to it during adulthood. This will also help them keep illnesses at bay which are often caused by regular sleep deprivation. It is a good idea to consider mattress online shopping for top quality mattresses to help the teens get into a good sleep routine.

Teenagers are often filled with anxiety, stress, and fear, making it difficult to fall asleep at night. This leads them to try stimulants like caffeine and nicotine to help them get through their day. It is essential to introduce teenagers to a good sleeping routine and help them keep their fears at bay. Many schools and health care centers offer special guidance and counseling for teenagers to help get through this confusing and difficult stage in life. Once the teens feel comfortable in their skin, they find it easier to get enough sleep at night and can work the next day productively, helping them move towards a prosperous future. Comfortable bed mattresses will help them understand the requisite hours of sleep every night.

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