Vampire Facials: Everything You Need to Know

Vampire Facials: Everything You Need to Know

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The vampire facials aren’t all that new and countless of celebrities swear by them but if you are considering the treatment for the first time, you might have a few questions about what it entails and the results you can expect.

Vampire Facials Explained

A vampire facial is more commonly known as platelet-rich plasma therapy and uses the plasma from your blood to rejuvenate your skin and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and even scars.

Once your blood is withdrawn, it will be placed in a centrifuge machine so that your plasma can be separated from your blood cells. These growth factors are then painlessly injected into your face, which encourages the production of the collagen and elastin necessary to rejuvenate your skin.

Vampire Facial Benefits

If you’ve been hunting for the best facials in Cairns, the vampire facial is definitely up there with the best and for good reason.

Many top cosmetic clinics will pair this facial with microneedling to really boost your results. Along with the production of collagen, the body will also generate more elastin fibrin, which is also necessary for a more youthful appearance. Not only will the facial smooth out fine lines and wrinkles but it will improve the texture of your skin and tighten it too.

The growth factors present in the plasma from your blood have the ability to triple the collagen induction process, which is how it’s able to produce such amazing results.

What to Expect During Your Facial

Before your treatment commences, a topical anaesthetic will be applied for about 30 minutes so that you’re as comfortable as possible during your procedure.

As previously mentioned, blood will be withdrawn from your arm before it is processed using a centrifuge machine. Once the plasma has been separated, it will need to go through an activation process before it is injected into the desired areas.

An average of 15 to 20 ml of blood is withdrawn but this can vary between doctors. The blood will need to be placed in the centrifuge for about 20 minutes to separate the plasma correctly. Overall, the entire procedure lasts about an hour.

The After-Effects

Very little downtime is required after your vampire facial and you will only need to deal with a bit of puffiness for a few days before it subsides. Since small needles will be used on your face during your treatment, you can also expect your skin to be slightly tender for a few days.

Your clinician will provide you with all of the necessary aftercare instructions so that you reduce the risk of any serious side effects such as infection – be sure to follow these instructions to the letter for the best results.

Even though this procedure is straightforward, it’s still important to choose the right clinic for your procedure. Take the time to look into patient reviews on Google and social media as well as the qualifications of your clinician before you schedule your consultation.

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