You Should Know about Advanced Closure in Hair Transplants

You Should Know about Advanced Closure in Hair Transplants

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The Advanced closing technique in hair transplant is used to restore the donor site back to its original state. The Trichophytic closure is the most advanced way to close the donor incision in such a way that the regrowth of hair can be possible through the scars and one can get the practically imperceptible scars. This is a boon in the hair transplant surgery that definitely an innovative way of the hair transplant procedure. The hair transplant cost in India has a greater mass appeal as it cares about the common masses and makes the possibility of providing the best budget-cost services to help patients with a greater extent.

First of all, it is important to know that why is it needed to close the donor area with the advanced closing and the second thing is when is it applied?

In this article, firstly we will mention that what is Trichophytic closure?

The Trichophytic closure is a modern way to close the incision area following the overlapping fashion so that the edges of the incision to and fro gets closed and the regrowth of hair can be possible through the donor scars. It is the latest closing technique to close the donor area while the FUT technique is performed.

Now, it is important to know that what is FUT technique and how it gives the best results when the Trichophytic closure is applied.

The FUT Technique of Hair Transplants:

The FUT or the follicular unit transplant is the method of hair root extraction followed by the strip excision. The strip is taken out from the safe donor part of the scalp, usually the back and sides of the scalp in such a way that the linear and a thin strip of the skin get excised. The excised part of the strip is sent to the dissection room where the technicians dissect the hair roots carefully in order to obtain the best number of viable grafts to fulfil the job of the extraction of grafts. These extracted and pure grafts are then implanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp. The incision area from where the strip has been excised is then closed by the advanced closing method known as the Trichophytic closure. This advanced method makes the possibility of offering the practically invisible scars and definitely a new success in the strip method of hair transplant surgery.

Why is it needed to apply the Trichophytic closure?

The Benefits of Advanced Trichophytic Closure is Described below: –

  • It Gives almost Negligible scars:

Most patients fear about the scar after the procedure as the FUE technique gives the multiple donor scars due to the random punching process. But, now it is all possible to receive a scarless, hair transplant surgery with the FUT technique followed by the Trichophytic closure gives the almost negligible scars due to overlapping closing fashion.

  • The Regrowth of gets possible through the Scars:

The hair regrowth is possible just through the donor scars in the FUT technique if the Trichophytic closure is applied.

The regrowth of hair through the scars gives almost invisible scars and makes a camouflage and it’s hard to distinguish that the area underwent the strip excision for the hair transplant procedure.

  • Makes Relevancy of the FUT Technique:

The FUT technique is the best way to extract the hair roots that give the utmost permanent outcomes. However, it is widely accepted in the hair transplant procedure and with the advanced closing technique, it gives the scarless results that are a prime consideration in the restoration procedure.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant gives the scarless, hair transplant if applied with the strip excision method followed by the Trichophytic closure. This is the main motto in the procedure to get the painless and scarless results that are achieved by the advanced technique and innovative way of the procedure.

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